Public Transportation And Its Operations

Transport is very important for people to reach various destinations in their day to day life. People have used various types of transports since ancient days starting from carts to horses to bicycles. The invention of electricity and automobiles has brought major changes in the transport sector. It was very difficult for a large number of people to travel before the invention of railways and ships. The railways and ships carry a huge number of people daily within the economic fares. Most of the countries throughout the world are providing public transport to their citizens so that they can travel without any issues from one place to another place. Travelling using the public transport is always cheaper when compared to traveling on their own and private transport.

There are various ways of public transport available such as trains, buses, trams and intercity ferries and rails. India has one of largest railway networks throughout the world. The local trains throughout the world are making millions of people reach their destinations on time daily. Rail maintenance for such large network of transport is very difficult with their uninterrupted daily transport. If the train routes are interrupted for a single day then it will be very difficult for millions of people to reach their destinations. Hence, all the maintenance related works will be performed in the night time so that daily transport can be run smoothly.

City buses are one of another public transport system which is widely used. Bus stops will be arranged all around the city for the buses to stop and pick up the passengers. Tickets will be issued to the public who are boarding into the bus with fare according to the traveling distance. Monthly and annual tickets are also available for the frequent travelers. Maintenance of buses is not as difficult as rail maintenance and is not a complicated and costly process. Workshops are available at all the bus stations for their regular maintenance.

There are huge numbers of people who travel daily to different places daily for various reasons. They can either travel either by their own vehicle or private vehicles to reach the destinations. But accommodating personal vehicle is a costly process because of which many people prefer public transport. Traveling by public transport reduces the fuel cost involved in the travel. Travelling by public transport helps in reducing the pollution in the environment. Due to the increasing number of vehicles the pollution in the atmosphere is also increasing day by day. With a huge number of people traveling by public transport, it has become very difficult for transport department to accommodate infrastructure according to the growing number of people. Hence, some people from reputed companies are opting for vehicle pooling where they share the vehicle to travel.