Importance Of Steel Tubes In Various Industries- Find Out

Commercially, steel is one of the highly used materials all over the world. However, the use of stainless steel is limited, yet it has an extensive use in the commercial and industrial sectors.
Stainless steel, which is an amalgamation of chromium and steel, is known to be highly corrosion resistance and apt for any constructional use. Also, stainless steel sheet and other products have low maintenance cost and high durability. Because of the aforementioned reasons, a stainless steel tube has become a very popular option in the commercial sectors. Usually, grade 304 and 316 are commonly used in the industries. The high quality stainless steel tubes have various uses in the industries, especially in the production units. Let’s find out where such tubes have an extensive usage:

Use in industries where high pressure application is required

Such stainless steel tubes are used in transporting chemicals, hot water, oil, gas or similar materials which flow at high pressure. Such tubes ensure leak proof and high pressure resistant quality, ensuring safe and secured movement of those materials at high pressure. The stainless steel also ensures safety at joints where welding are done.

Use in the automobile industry

The piping system in the automobiles is done with stainless steel tubes to ensure longevity and maintenance free operations. The handlebars are made with such products so that it can withstand weather conditions, dust, vibration or corrosion while exposed in normal condition. Stainless steel has an intensive in the automobile industry as it fulfils all the specifications required for the industrial work.

Usage in the food manufacturing industries

Food processing units are highly dependent on FDA norms and regulations. Food processing units strictly need to follow the safety and hygienic standards and in such operations, stainless steel is the best material to work with. Processing or raw food products, food treatment and packaging all are done very scientifically so that it obeys proper FDA norms. Stainless steel prevents adulteration and ensures hygiene.

Electronic products and health care industry

High quality electronic products and gym equipment are also made using stainless steel tubes or sheets of 316 grade.

Usage in interior decoration and architectural industry

Due to good corrosion resistant property, the stainless steel is used for interior decoration and beautification purpose. The stainless tubes are customized into proper shape and used for making railings, handrails, interior décor and so on. As the product ensures high longevity so in most of the housing projects you will find usage of stainless steel. However, the thickness, grade and quality of the steel needs to be verified before these are used for applications.