How To Improve The Safety Of A Warehouse

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Among the many aspects a manager of any organization is responsible for, ensuring the health and safety of the employees within in the working environment is without doubt one of the most important responsibilities which requires a special degree of attention. This becomes an even bigger concern in the context of a warehouse complex where the employees constantly engage in potentially risky activities involving heavy cargo loads, large machinery, overhead cranes and many such elements. Therefore, it is necessary for a warehouse manager to take all the necessary steps to make sure that the risk of injury or fatalities in the workplace is minimized as much as possible. Discussed in this article are three such effective methods of achieving the aforementioned objective.

Better signs, better communication

Studies show that one of the leading causes of accidents in establishments handling cargo of various sizes, capacities and nature is the low level of awareness of the employees regarding the specific areas of the entity where they must be cautious. Being unaware of the establishments can also result in unfortunate accidents that may be caused during emergency situations if the workers have no idea about where the exits, fire extinguishers etc. are situated. The simple solution to this issue is the incorporation of effective safety signage throughout the complex. Well illuminated signs are much easier to recognize in an emergency situation and will save plenty of time.

Floor marking for proper demarcation

In a warehouse complex, people must work in close proximity of many vehicles such as forklifts, cranes and AGVs (automated guided vehicles). Also, areas where containers and bulk cargo are handled must be accessed only by those personnel who are properly trained and authorized to access them. By properly demarcating the various areas of the establishment a manager can make it easier for the employees to be extra cautious while also greatly improving the productivity of cargo handling. Investing in a line marking service for the interior as well as exterior premises of the complex will meet this essential requirement in an effective manner.

Safety gear and bright clothing

It is a mandatory requirement for all warehouses of Australia to provide its employees with the safety gear such as hard boots and hats in order to ensure their safety in the premises and you must probably have the right equipment at your warehouse by now. To better utilize these, it is always better to select them from the brightest of colour such as bright orange, green and yellow. This way, they will serve both as safety equipment for the workers, while also making it easier for the machine and vehicle operators to spot a worker at any time of the day with ease. You can go the extra mile and assign specific colours to various parts of the warehouse where different tasks are carried out and thereby significantly minimize the accidents in the workplace.

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